Aims and Objectives


  1. The name of the college shall be Indian college of cardiology.
  2. The Head quarters of the college shall be at Bangalore.
  3. Council means Governing council of Indian college of cardiology.


  1. To bring all the specialties and workers in cardiovascular medicine under one umbrella.
  2. To promote exchange of views and experience among the specialties in the cardiovascular field.
  3. To conduct academic and scientific research.
  4. To organize continuing Medical Education and to offer training in cardiovascular disease and selected subspecialty and superspecialities and conduct examination and award diplomas and certificates.
  5. To bring out monographs, textbooks, technical series and publish periodicals and journal in cardiovascular diseases.
  6. To conduct and encourage preventive aspects of cardiovascular disease on a community basis.
  7. To confer fellowship of the college based on principals laid down by the college.
  8. To seek affiliation with National and regional scientific conferences to further the objectives of the college.
  9. To hold International, National regional scientific conference to further the objective of the college.
  10. To establish institutions, research and training centers in the field of cardiology and cardiovascular medicine.
  11. To provide scholarships sponsor training programmers and collaborate with other special organization in the matters of research and study.
  12. Such other activities which would further the aims and objectives of the college.
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